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At Providence Psychology Services, we are dedicated to your mental wellness and believe knowledge is power. We have found these resources to provide useful, substantial information about mental health issues.

While we make every effort to ensure these resources remain accurate and relevant, Providence Psychology Services bears no responsibility for their content. These links are provided as a convenience and are for informational purposes only. Talk to your clinician if you have any questions.

Living Beyond Lyme bookcover Dr. Trunzo, a psychologist at our practice, is the author of Living Beyond Lyme: Reclaim Your Life from Lyme Disease and Chronic Illness (Changemakers Books, 2018).

His mission is to create awareness among the Lyme and chronic illness communities about Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. ACT focuses on living a vital, rich, and meaningful life while on the journey to wellness.

Learn more about Living Beyond Lyme at the website or on Amazon.

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