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Family Therapy

Clinical Psychologists Specializing in Family Therapy

Providence Psychology specializes in family therapy, improving family interaction and communication.

At Providence Psychology, we offer therapy to help families—including blended families and extended families—improve communication, solve problems, and cope with situations such as death, serious physical illness, mental illness, and child / adolescent issues including childhood traumas and abuse.

For families dealing with serious physical or mental illness, we will provide education about the illness and help everyone work out problems associated with the care of each family member. Our goal is to create a family unit that works together for a better functioning home environment.

At Providence Psychology, our trained therapist applies a systems-based family theory, viewing the family as a living organism rather than the sum of its individual members. In therapy sessions, you will uncover and analyze your interactions and communication as a whole without emphasis given to any one specific member. Problems are treated by improving the way the entire family system works.

We’re here to help you and the ones you love have a healthier home life.

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